McFarlane Sports Figures | Sports Picks from a Fanatic

McFarlane Sports Picks was just a long-tail keyword to me, when it was first mentioned to me earlier today. I was familiar with SPAWN, the creation of Todd McFarlane, but knew little else about him or his companies.

McFarlane Toys produces some of the most detailed, well sculpted action figures in the world. Naturally, such figures have a fanatical following among those who love to collect. Sports figures, in particular, are a big market, relatively speaking.

McFarlane Sports Picks

McFarlane Sports Picks

Ron Johnson is one of those fanatics. He has a website dedicated to collectors of “sports picks”. However, he doesn’t stop there. It’s possible for you to get a detailed, customized figure made from photographs you send — a service far beyond buying and selling collectible figurines!

If you’re into sports picks, you must check out Colorado Springs’ most avid collector online at