The Best Scranton Restaurants — Ipanema Grille: Churrascaria Brazilian Steak House

This restaurant is more than just a mouthful to say (especially if you’ve had a Caiprinha or some Sangria before saying it). I dined here for the first time last summer with an old friend. Okay, we’re both old! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find this quality of restaurant so close to home, here in North Scranton. Between then and now, the management has changed hands, but the quality, service and food have remained excellent. The old owner still comes in for meals, too.

Naturally, given my business interests, I was poking around online, looking for their website. It took some doing, but I found it. The site is so new, it hasn’t been well indexed in Google yet. Plus, there were a few “difficulties” regarding the SEO for the landing page. I dropped by the other day and spoke to the owner’s son. I asked him if he had any new customers tell him that they found the restaurant from the website. A quick peek on his laptop showed that the restaurant’s site wasn’t exactly in the Witness Protection Program, but it was uncomfortably close.

I showed him a sample of what an effective landing page could look like, both as a portal or “front door” for the main site and all the behind-the-scenes things that can be done in the <head> portion of the HTML code. He was curious as to what results I could show him. Well, this blog post is one example. The Front Door page that promotes Ipanema Grille is another.

I’ll be dropping by for lunch — probably the “X Tudo” a.k.a “The Everything Burger”” and will casually ask him how his site is showing up under

Brazilian restaurant Scranton

Gee, I wonder what he might see there…

If you want to find the site easily yourself, click this link: A Brazilian Restaurant in Scranton and check out the story on Rodizio. Think hibachi chef with a Brasilian flavor and presentation. Then turn your flipper to green and load up your plate! Don’t know what that means? Go to the site and find out!