New Scranton Local Portal is Online!

What’s the one thing that businesses and professionals know? Their business. What’s the one thing many of them have a hard time with? Advertising. What do they do about it? Follow the leader — right off a cliff!

It’s the ones that are spending big bucks on Yellow Pages ads, broadcast media spots, classified and display ads in print media and all the other questionable possibilities (billboards? bench ads?) that are hurting. Every month, they shell out all this money, and for what? Non-verifiable ROI. They lament, “50% of my ad budget is wasted. I just don’t know which 50%!

Take equipment rental services: none of them show up in the search engines on the first page of the search results for Scranton. The Scranton Portal fixes that. Along with support from blogs like this and social networking pages that point to the business, this portal itself ranks highly for the Scranton market. Even better, there is a “placeholder” page for a local Scranton equipment rental service that is ready for a new owner.

Go to the Scranton Portal and see why this is the way to go for businesses, professionals and local traffic that’s laser-targeted at the specific types of firms there.