From Clueless Newbie to Money Making Business Websites in Scranton and Worldwide!

When I began this blog as an experiment, I was struggling with an outdated machine and a dialup connection here in lovely, historic Scranton, PA. My, how things have changed! With a bit of business planning and using my main strength, I’ve gone from puzzled and primitive to profitable and pre-eminent. By researching and presenting (ghostwriting) how-to information for Direct Response Internet Marketers, I’ve learned a ton! I can tell you all about the things you need to do here in Scranton to drive prospects to business websites and give them a call-to-action Don Corleone would be proud of (“I’m gonna make ’em an offer they don’t refuse!”)

I’ve made enough money working online to pay my bills, upgrade my computer, get a cable connection to the Internet, make extended visits to my family who are out of state and even spring for custom-made T-shirts:

Local Scranton Money Making Business Websites

In January of this year, I was inspired by a fellow marketer to take what I know “local! He suggested that I show local Scranton business owners how to use the same methods that we use to drive traffic to local business websites and help the owners make money with their online presence. Now, for you local business owners that think you’ll need to set up some kind of online store to make money from your websites — think again! Unless you’re already doing some kind of mail order or catalog sales, it’s probably a really BAD idea to start doing it without knowing what you’re doing from experience (or without hiring a knowledgeable manager and staff devoted to this way of doing business).

Instead, you can use websites to drive customer traffic to your place of business, keep in touch with your current customer base and prospects, send out newsletters and emails that your viewers actually want (no SPAM) and offer coupons and discounts that will pull people into your place of business on its slowest day, turning it into your busiest day of the week!

For those businesses that already have competition in the Search Engines for Scranton, PA listings, there are certain “secret” practices that Direct Response Internet Marketers use to crush their competition and grind them into the dirt. They’re legal, ethical, moral and work like a charm! By using these same methods, just about any local brick-and-mortar business can dominate the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) and either push their competition off the top spot or dilute their presence immensely.

If this is interesting to you, take a look at Go immediately to: and discover how a guy with a computer, a ton of research and hard knocks can put you at the top of your niche, not only in Scranton, PA, but worldwide!