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Elkins West Virginia Best

Elkins West Virginia Best

Elkins, West Virginia, is not what you’d call cosmopolitan. It’s small-town America at its best. Naturally, the locals there think it is! In fact, with the launch of a new website, http://www.elkinsbest.com/, they have the chance to speak up and tell everyone just what is the best about Elkins.

This site will feature reviews by residents and visitors of just about any business or professional service in the area. It won’t be just for residents (or just for attracting tourists). This “Best Of” site will be an enhanced resource for everyone to benefit from and go to for honest, impartial information.

Sure, there will be featured advertisers and specific businesses and professionals will be promoted. That doesn’t mean that this will be just a “pitch fest” or one-sided view of what’s going on in Elkins! The site will be linked to www.elkinslive.com/, the area’s premier directory and local portal for all things Elkins.

More than just listings about local hotels and restaurants, elkinslive.com has loads of content and interactive features that keep bringing local residents back day after day. Local news, weather, sports, happenings and more attract nearly 2,000 viewers every week! That’s because this directory has a reach far beyond the little town of Elkins, pop. ca. 7,000.

The Best of Elkins will be the cream of the crop. This resource will also reach way beyond the local area, so that prospective visitors will have a way to preview what they may want in advance. Wouldn’t you like to know the best places to eat and stay in an area before you go? Well, that’s what this resource will offer to folks around the world!

Check out this newly launched home for The Best of Elkins. Then, “y’all come back now, hear?!”