Masonry Contractors and Chiropractors in Scranton: Backlinks for Promotion

Scranton Masonry Contractors and Chiropractors both have ‘placeholder’ pages at the Scranton Front Door Pages for Businesses, Professionals and Targeted Local Traffic. While that’s nice, that may not be enough in a given niche to rule the search engine results. A standalone Web page has little to ‘anchor’ it in the indexes of the major search engines.

This is where one-way backlinks to a given page are vital. Whether it’s a Squidoo Lens for Chiropractors in Scranton or a simple blog post for Scranton Masonry Contractors, backlinks that point to the Web page give it more authority. In the cases of social networking sites and blogs, these resources have even more authority than a website with a minor Page Rank. Blogger itself has a current Page Rank of 8 and Squidoo, 7. While individual pages may have no actual Page Rank, the authority of the sites themselves transfer value to your content on them.

Each of the placeholder pages alone have shown up well in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) on a given day. On other days, they’re lost among the listings. With an anchoring link from another, unrelated site, these standalone pages acquire a constellation of links that support it and send it authority that the search engines recognize.

For the marketer who wants to help local businesses improve their Web presence, this strategy of building a foundation to support the focal page for a given niche works wonders! Unlike national or global search, local search can be dominated easily and effortlessly with a simple plan for creating valuable backlinks that all point to one Web page.

It doesn’t matter if the page is an actual client’s listing or a ‘placeholder’ awaiting a ‘tenant’. The tried and true method of improving search engine rankings with backlinks is alive, well and thriving!