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I’m contacting Colorado Springs Web Design and Web Development companies in advance of relocating to the shadow of Pike’s Peak. The time I spent actually exploring Colorado Springs was mostly for possible housing. Finding colleagues has to be done via my favorite pastime — Internet research.

That research yielded several possibilities, but one stood out — Bracewell Web Works. That’s because Michelle Bracewell’s business did surprisingly well in being “findable” in the search engines. It’s no surprise to my Internet Marketing colleagues that “Web Developers” tend to be fixated on programming and layout, with SEO and backlinking an afterthought at best. This Web Diva knows her stuff and supplies good content on Web marketing for prospects to peruse.

My only quibble with her approach to Social Networking and Web 2.0 implementation is that it’s so two years ago. In the realm of SEM/SEO as a blood sport, being that far behind is deadly! If I or my colleagues were to depend primarily on MySpace and Facebook, with a nod to Squidoo lenses and blog comments, we’d be dead in the water.

Our competition would be putting out presentations, YouTube videos, Hubs, WordPress blog posts with powerful keyword tags, and classified ads and hefty, optimized Squidoo lenses. Then they’d get serious about getting backlinks from high Page Rank websites run by colleagues and Joint Venture partners.

Of course, for local search, that kind of massive overkill we Direct Response Internet Marketers use is only for the most competitive local niches. You know, like getting a WordPress blog post for Colorado Springs web design. 🙂