Personal Injury Scranton | Lawyers and Personal Injury Cases in Scranton and Beyond

Scranton personal injury lawyers end up being the center of North-East Pennsylvania’s tort resources by default. The city is the sixth largest in PA (population-wise). If you’re a lawyer who wants clients in the entire NEPA region, you have to have a presence in Scranton. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the Yellow Pages, on TV, or online. You have to be visible (and findable) when folks go looking in Scranton for your services.

That’s because the majority of people who are searching for this kind of professional practice tend to go to the biggest and closest location that might have the best and largest selection of what they want. From there, they may look for a branch office that’s closest to them. It’s a matter of perception and image.

It’s different if they’re looking for an emergency dentist or gynecologist. Then, they’ll look for the one that’s closest to home. That’s because the perception is that, for these services, there’s a level of proficiency that’s guaranteed by default.

Not so with lawyers, who practice a different kind of profession than medical arts. When you want to be represented in a lawsuit, you want the biggest, baddest shark on your side. There’s no guarantee that the closest lawyer will fit that description. So you go to the closest concentration of lawyers and search among them for the one that resonates with you.

No matter whether it’s an accident (at work, in the home, a defective product, on a holiday, in the workplace, etc.), an assault, medical or dental malpractice, industrial disease, or any other injury, the injured party wants justice. That justice is usually in the form of monetary compensation. In rare cases, the one who was injured simply wants to stop the party who caused the injury to be exposed and protect others from potential injury.

Given the litigious nature of our society (in the US, that is), most prospective clients want the biggest settlement or judgment they can get. That makes this kind of law practice very lucrative for the attorneys who choose to specialize in this “niche”. Yes, there are a few lawyers who do this kind of work in the interests of justice first, but they are few and far between.

In order for your legal practice to be perceived as worthy of consideration in this locale, you’d better have a presence in Scranton. Not unlike New York, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere in the region. Personal injury lawyers in Scranton and beyond can get an effective Web presence here: