Rhapsody in Blue | The Most Perfect Music I’ve Never Heard

George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” is the first music that really moved me, as a child. I heard the Mantovani/Julius Katchen recording on our old stereo, back in the late ’50’s. Over the years, I’ve heard many different versions, some better than others. One of the best “flawed” versions was at the Peabody Book Store in Baltimore, performed as a solo piano piece by a guy who was a natural (but eccentric) performer.

I’ve never heard a perfect performance of the piece, however. That’s because the music itself is as perfect as I can imagine. We mere mortals can only approach what the composer ended up settling on, in his final revisions. When Gershwin first performed the piece with a jazz band, he actually improvised some parts. Since there was no recording of the performance, we’ll never know what that first attempt really sounded like.

The piece was first imagined on a train ride to New York. The rhythm of the train on the tracks inspired Gershwin, and he had most of the music in his head by the time he arrived. The absolutely original composition was for two pianos. He gave the music to an arranger, who scored it for a jazz band. Later arrangements included one for a symphony orchestra. The 1942 arrangement is the one most of us are familiar with.

Below are three versions I favor. The first is the Mantovani/Katchen version; the second, a loving arrangement for solo piano by a Russian (!); the third is the most popular version (featured in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”). The first two videos come in two parts, the final one is a complete 16-plus minute recording. If you listen to all of them, perhaps you’ll see what I mean: none are perfect, but together, they are purely transcendent.

Targeted Local Traffic for Local Business Promotion | Front Door Pages Exposed!

Front Door Pages Exposed

Front Door Pages Exposed

Promoting local businesses online with targeted local traffic is a rapidly growing phenomenon among Direct Response Internet Marketers. Local business promotion works wonders for brick-and-mortar businesses and professionals. The thing is, those local business owners and professionals just don’t know how that works, for the most part.

For those Internet Marketing professionals that want to refine and concentrate their efforts on promoting the most profitable local industries and niches, Front Door Pages Exposed reveals the secrets to doing just that!

While it’s nice to be able to build a website or put up a lead capture form for a client, wouldn’t it be better to deliver something even more valuable? Say, for example, Total Search Engine Domination for their business or professional practice?

By learning to identify, target, occupy and dominate the “rich niches” in the search engine results for your locale, you have the one thing practically all other “Web developers” and “SEO experts” cannot deliver: the top spots in Google for a business owner or professional (who has a robust ad budget) in advance!

This is way beyond doing a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for a local business, although that can be a good addition to this method. The fact is, “organic” search results get more clicks than AdWords advertising, when both references to the same business or professional are on the same page, in most cases.

If you’re a Direct Response Internet Marketing pro, go NOW to http://frontdoorpagesexposed.com/ and find out the best-kept secrets in getting the “big guns” in your area to pay you handsomely for promoting their businesses and professional practices!

Elkins Best | the Best of Elkins, WV

Elkins West Virginia Best

Elkins West Virginia Best

Elkins, West Virginia, is not what you’d call cosmopolitan. It’s small-town America at its best. Naturally, the locals there think it is! In fact, with the launch of a new website, http://www.elkinsbest.com/, they have the chance to speak up and tell everyone just what is the best about Elkins.

This site will feature reviews by residents and visitors of just about any business or professional service in the area. It won’t be just for residents (or just for attracting tourists). This “Best Of” site will be an enhanced resource for everyone to benefit from and go to for honest, impartial information.

Sure, there will be featured advertisers and specific businesses and professionals will be promoted. That doesn’t mean that this will be just a “pitch fest” or one-sided view of what’s going on in Elkins! The site will be linked to www.elkinslive.com/, the area’s premier directory and local portal for all things Elkins.

More than just listings about local hotels and restaurants, elkinslive.com has loads of content and interactive features that keep bringing local residents back day after day. Local news, weather, sports, happenings and more attract nearly 2,000 viewers every week! That’s because this directory has a reach far beyond the little town of Elkins, pop. ca. 7,000.

The Best of Elkins will be the cream of the crop. This resource will also reach way beyond the local area, so that prospective visitors will have a way to preview what they may want in advance. Wouldn’t you like to know the best places to eat and stay in an area before you go? Well, that’s what this resource will offer to folks around the world!

Check out this newly launched home for The Best of Elkins. Then, “y’all come back now, hear?!”

Personal Injury Scranton | Lawyers and Personal Injury Cases in Scranton and Beyond

Scranton personal injury lawyers end up being the center of North-East Pennsylvania’s tort resources by default. The city is the sixth largest in PA (population-wise). If you’re a lawyer who wants clients in the entire NEPA region, you have to have a presence in Scranton. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the Yellow Pages, on TV, or online. You have to be visible (and findable) when folks go looking in Scranton for your services.

That’s because the majority of people who are searching for this kind of professional practice tend to go to the biggest and closest location that might have the best and largest selection of what they want. From there, they may look for a branch office that’s closest to them. It’s a matter of perception and image.

It’s different if they’re looking for an emergency dentist or gynecologist. Then, they’ll look for the one that’s closest to home. That’s because the perception is that, for these services, there’s a level of proficiency that’s guaranteed by default.

Not so with lawyers, who practice a different kind of profession than medical arts. When you want to be represented in a lawsuit, you want the biggest, baddest shark on your side. There’s no guarantee that the closest lawyer will fit that description. So you go to the closest concentration of lawyers and search among them for the one that resonates with you.

No matter whether it’s an accident (at work, in the home, a defective product, on a holiday, in the workplace, etc.), an assault, medical or dental malpractice, industrial disease, or any other injury, the injured party wants justice. That justice is usually in the form of monetary compensation. In rare cases, the one who was injured simply wants to stop the party who caused the injury to be exposed and protect others from potential injury.

Given the litigious nature of our society (in the US, that is), most prospective clients want the biggest settlement or judgment they can get. That makes this kind of law practice very lucrative for the attorneys who choose to specialize in this “niche”. Yes, there are a few lawyers who do this kind of work in the interests of justice first, but they are few and far between.

In order for your legal practice to be perceived as worthy of consideration in this locale, you’d better have a presence in Scranton. Not unlike New York, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere in the region. Personal injury lawyers in Scranton and beyond can get an effective Web presence here: http://vincerunza.com/scranton/lawyers/personal-injury/

Masonry Contractors and Chiropractors in Scranton: Backlinks for Promotion

Scranton Masonry Contractors and Chiropractors both have ‘placeholder’ pages at the Scranton Front Door Pages for Businesses, Professionals and Targeted Local Traffic. While that’s nice, that may not be enough in a given niche to rule the search engine results. A standalone Web page has little to ‘anchor’ it in the indexes of the major search engines.

This is where one-way backlinks to a given page are vital. Whether it’s a Squidoo Lens for Chiropractors in Scranton or a simple blog post for Scranton Masonry Contractors, backlinks that point to the Web page give it more authority. In the cases of social networking sites and blogs, these resources have even more authority than a website with a minor Page Rank. Blogger itself has a current Page Rank of 8 and Squidoo, 7. While individual pages may have no actual Page Rank, the authority of the sites themselves transfer value to your content on them.

Each of the placeholder pages alone have shown up well in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) on a given day. On other days, they’re lost among the listings. With an anchoring link from another, unrelated site, these standalone pages acquire a constellation of links that support it and send it authority that the search engines recognize.

For the marketer who wants to help local businesses improve their Web presence, this strategy of building a foundation to support the focal page for a given niche works wonders! Unlike national or global search, local search can be dominated easily and effortlessly with a simple plan for creating valuable backlinks that all point to one Web page.

It doesn’t matter if the page is an actual client’s listing or a ‘placeholder’ awaiting a ‘tenant’. The tried and true method of improving search engine rankings with backlinks is alive, well and thriving!

Scranton Portal Placeholders for Local Businesses and Professionals

Like a brand, spanking new office building, the Scranton Portal is up, running and will “build to suit” each of the placeholder pages listed below. In addition, there are active listings for several local businesses that give the prospective client an idea of how simply or elaborately a portal page can be made. The Scranton Zoo and Houdini Museum are two of the Scranton Attractions listed there. Wade’s World Music is featured because, well, that’s where the portal manager goes for vital gear like guitar strings and picks!

Best of all, unlike the placeholder pages, an actual portal listing is “one-way”: if it’s found through the search engines, the viewer can’t just wander off and browse the other listings. That traffic has only one way to go — toward the client’s business!



     Executive Search

     Heating and Air Conditioning
     Swimming Pools
Cosmetic Surgery

     Plastic Surgery
     Business and Commercial
     Homeowners and Renters

     Medical Malpractice
     Real Estate

     Trusts and Wills
Physical Therapy
Real Estate

Tree Service

Just remember, as you continue to think about the possibilities of a well-placed listing for your business in the search engines — there can be only one (in first place, that is). If you wait, your competition may just slip in ahead of you and grab the best seat in the house! Continue reading